Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I'm a list maker. Sometimes in notebooks, sometimes in diaries, sometimes on the back of shopping lists, train tickets and corners of envelopes.
I added lists of the websites, blogs etc that I tend to look at and use regularly, some daily; and it's great! I can see when updates have been made and go and check the articles or entries or whatever. 
But this is just a note, I hope it's ok to just put the lists here without asking permission? Really I don't envision 'readers' of this blog, rather I just see it as a place to keep all the information and ideas that I want to find and remember together in one place. And these are sites I want to find again. 
I only started reading blogs when I moved to Spain, four years ago, at first the vegan food blogs. I was beginning to feel a bit like an alien, being vegan in Spain. I have no problem being vegan here, or anywhere, after all I've followed a vegan way of life for more than ten years now, but it was good to be reminded that there were other people about doing the same thing. I was grateful to the bloggers and flickerers out there for writing and sharing their photos.
The same thing with a lot of the other sites, crafty, sewing, knitting... Reading these blogs or sites was and is a way of being inspired by and linked to the world around me, however near or far that world sometimes feels. 

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