Saturday, 23 August 2008

Aprons - surely what everyone wants for Christmas...

Well, I hope so, because I've made these last night for two of my closest friends...Tell me that the dark striped apron looks masculine, or at any rate, like something a man is not going to object to wearing, heck, he bakes bread and makes sushi - surely he needs an apron. I'd wear it. Oh, that doesn't really count, being a woman and an' all. Humph.

Blast that I can't take decent pictures at the moment, not that it matters really, but somehow seeing them here and on flickr makes it worse, those coasters look better in real life, what can I say? I can't really blame the light either, not living in Southern Spain, but it's hard finding a clear space without a dog poking his nose in, hmm, whose fault is that? Not a question I want to answer. 

Anyway, the machine is reasonably happy at the moment so this were quickish to make, and I'm pleased with the results I'd be happy to receive one of these, so I hope that means they are good gifts - they are going to be packed up with matching pot holders (sewing on binding now).  I'd add some home-baked delicious something or other too, but the postage from here is staggeringly anti-social. It's cheaper in reverse, but that doesn't help me.

I must measure the pink stripey apron, because I did not use the dimensions in the book (Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol - "angry chicken" blog on the right). I did use the dimensions for the ties, and more or less instructions for the kangaroo pocket. I love the pocket. I'm more of a chefs apron type person, but I do like this apron a lot. The stripey apron is basically the tea towel apron, but I made the fabric into a tea towel first, perhaps slightly bigger. I didn't put in darts 'cos it's for a man, and they don't need this is a man's apron, really it is. All the material is from Ikea. Even the thread.


Anonymous said...

Both are great - and that looks plently manly to me.

Soja said...

Thanks limadean, I hope he thinks so too! I needed the reassurance :-)