Monday, 4 August 2008

Blackberry and Coconut ice-cream

Blackberry and Coconut ice-cream, originally uploaded by soja.

Purple ice-cream!! Well, more lavender coloured...Needs some work on the texture, and would be tastier with better blackberries, these could have been riper. Quite a "milky" taste from the soya yoghurt cheese. Made up as I went along:

1 tin of coconut milk,
approx 1 cup of homemade soya yoghurt cheese,
juice of 1 lime,
maybe a double barcardi to stop the mix freezing hard
about a dessert spoon of icing sugar,
approx 1/3 cup fresh blackberries.

Everything pre-chilled in fridge (except sugar and rum). Blended together with handheld immersion blender (except blackberries) berries stirred in (to keep them whole) and put into ice-cream maker.


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Thanks limadean! It's soo hot, anything this cold tastes good!