Monday, 18 August 2008

Daft portrait of the artist as a young(ish) woman

I can't take a picture of myself in these!! I don't have a full length mirror or a remote, so I used the timer and dashed in front of the camera. :-) Anyway, they are really comfortable and I am happy with the fit.

They are made with the pattern for the "yoga pants" (makes me think of gym knickers....) from S.E.W. by Diana Rupp. The only problem I have had with the book is the sizing - everything turned out way too big, so I made the small size, which should be too small but fits perfectly, so hopefully that will solve future problems.

These are made of what feels like cotton, from the 1€ a metre stall in the market. They are so comfortable and soft that I have been wearing them despite the colour which is a little brighter than my usual choices. My mother will be thrilled ("Darling, it's not black!"). I plan to make up another pair in some beige linen, when it finally arrives. Hmm almost two weeks, perhaps I should follow that up.

Oh, and hi Leopold Bloom, the title is for you.  

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