Monday, 18 August 2008

Fabric, fabric, fabric

Ah, now just got to sew it all into something to justify buying it in the first place...

Taking myself to Ikea is an almost all day expedition, only one train every two hours, a 25 minute train journey, then a 15 minute walk to a bus stop for the bus, only one an can take a long time to even get there in the first place. I'd happily buy the fabric from a more local shop.... if there was one. The fabric in the weekly market and in the shops in closer larger cities, seems to be almost exclusively synthetic.... so Ikea has been my main source of materials. And when I'm offered a lift by a couple of colleagues I feel like I have to make the most of it and buy while I can. 

Hmm, which is a bit, um, uncomfortable for me. I decided to make gifts for my friends and relatives this year, and make my own clothes and furnishings, to avoid buying things just for the sake of it... and here I am buying fabric just for the sake of it. Oh. But kind of with plans for it. The plan wasn't so much to save money, which is just as well, because I don't think I have. I was fed up with buying gifts that I wasn't sure would be wanted. At least if I have made them they have been made while I have been thinking of the recipient, and I hope that even if they aren't wanted (eek!) the person receiving the gift knows that it has been made for them, with thought and love, handled with care. And it has stopped me buying clothes just because they are on sale, or because I feel like something new. 

The problem is, to make the making more enjoyable and satisfying for me, to help me practise and learn about what I am doing, I need to make more than one version of whatever it is I am making. This leads to having extra bags and bibs around that have been handled with care, but not with a purpose. Oh well, they are being saved up as future gifts. 

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