Saturday, 2 August 2008

A goodnights work

A goodnights work, originally uploaded by soja.

Got it finished, just got to get to the post office to get it all sent off to the right people now. :-) Removing the batting just about made the quilting possible on the coasters, the fabric is definitely thick enough without it. Not perfect but liveable, changed the quilting a little to match the funky print, off-sided squares etc.

Had another go with the bias tape maker and yippee! It worked much better, perhaps the material was a little thick, but it worked, I held the biastape maker upside down and it seeme to make it easier to iron without ironing out the folds.  I followed the instructions in Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol except: I started with a 16" square, I drew and then cut a continuous 1" strip (magic!) to use in a 1/2" bias tape make (so when folded in half and used this will be 1/4" = I need a 1 or 1.5/2" bias maker, based on the binding I usually use. I ended up with almost 7m of tape. Cool. It was a bit narrow for the pot holder but it worked (hasn't pot holder got another name? Do we call them something different in England? Or does my particular family have another name for them? hmm, remember to ask Mum). Used some cotton batting left over from the Spring Garden quilt, and made up the pattern based on one I made years ago.

And sewing on card? Easy-peasy!! Will have to do this more often, although the colour adjust done on iphoto now looks um, horrible. What a lot of new stuff in one night/day.

Oh and making a mosaic using fd's flickr toys for the first time too (  woohoo!

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