Thursday, 21 August 2008

Let the coasters decide!

Double-sided coasters, originally uploaded by soja.

An idea for a Christmas present: double-sided round coasters with two choices, flip the coaster to decide what to drink (or eat or do etc).

I like the idea, I think it's a bit of fun, and I can imagine the person these have been made for sort of liking them (what do you give friend's husbands for Christmas anyway?!).

I thought that they needed to be round, to emphasise the "flip" bit of the idea, but this was quite fiddly to turn out and finish. At first I tried top stitching in straight stitch, but it looked a little wonky, then in a zig-zag, and eventually I hand stitched a running stitch around the edge with embroidery cotton, which I like the most. The cotton circles and letters are lightly interefaced, and there is a layer of batting in each coaster. These need to be pressed, the colour is off, probably because of the time of day, but there we are.

The lettering also took quite a while to cut out and applique, I did find myself thinking that if I had been making one-sided coasters I could have made four for the same time and effort. I'm tempted to make up some square, one-sided coasters with just the shapes, no lettering. I think they'd make pretty sets of four, though less fun.

I have lots of other ideas for decisions, I like the double-sided/flip idea. Perhaps I could stamp the letters or something to make them less time-consuming to make? Anyway, another Christmas present made...

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