Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Serving its purpose

So, the good thing about taking those photos of the trousers...I could see for sure that they needed to be let down for a half inch or so. So keeping all this stuff together here on the blog is working. Also want to remind myself that I used the overlock stitch on the sewing machine for the first rime and it sort of worked and that I reduced the the seam allowance to 1/4" from 5/8" as it was easier for me to 'eye' this width. 

Experimented with free motion embroidery for the first time last night, just squiggles on calico, but it seems like fun. I've ordered a free-motion presser foot from jaycotts (and a pin-tuck foot) to play with. I think it might be a good way to add a pit of originality to bags and aprons and things.

I also actually managed to get up and go to the weekly market this morning, by not sleeping last night :-(, only to find that none of the usual three notion/haberdashery stalls were there. So no hunt for bra elastic... The 1€/m stall wasn't present either. But I did find a 3€ for a random length (around 1.5m) stall and got some interesting brown brushed cotton type stuff, some grey/blue suit/denimy fabric and some tan cotton (?) fabric with little red hens printed all over it. Hmm, good to have some variation from Ikea.

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