Thursday, 7 August 2008

She knows; I'm crazy

How come when I'm stitching bags with multiple layers of fabric my poor little machine can't cope.....yet when I use more layers of fabric, and interfacing, to make a cover for her she sews through it all as easy as pie? And how come my machine has acquired a gender? (My inanimate objects are usually male, if anything, must be because lots of other sewers seem to have "she" machines, must have rubbed off.) And how come I'm thinking about a machine knowing what it is sewing and that's it for her/it. I must be going crazy. But I'm pleased with the cover.

 The dimensions were taken from the flimsy plastic cover that came with the machine. The top is interfaced to help the cover drape neatly. The outer fabric is thick cotton from Ikea and I lined it with some light lavender cotton. I added a small pocket to one side for a reel of cotton, so if I stop mid-project I can slip off the reel from the top of the machine and store it, so that the cover will still fit properly.

The handle slit is bound with home made (non-bias) binding using Autum's great technique (  Wonderful! She has just saved me from having to buy any more tape makers and now I can easily make any width tape I want. I'm really grateful! Cutting a strip of cardboard and folding the fabric over before I pulled it under the needle helped me to make both folds equal.  Bit dark for a photo tonight.

Other things, I am becoming a crazy pet person, I bought Jaffa a fluffy springy mouse toy and Lucky an inflatable swimming pool today (no more than €2.99 was spent on these items...) He didn't eat it, but didn't go in it either, he jumped into a shallow concrete pool on his walk and loved it, lying down in the water, which surprised me as he was a little scared of the sea last summer and doesn't like baths.  He was hit by a car yesterday evening, fortunately he's fine. He was on his lead as always, but suddenly took fright at something and jumped off the curb, luckily the car was travelling very slowly as the road is very narrow in that area and of course I pulled him away immediately, we were both pretty shaken. The photo at the top of this post was taken last summer on his first trip to the beach. 

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