Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday Lunch

A little blurry, much like most Sundays...such a strange day, even during the long summer holiday. Bit hot and heavy again too.

I do like a bit of lettuce variation, and despite the iron saga, one good thing to come out of all the visits to Eroski (the supermarket) was finding that they had some oak leaf lettuce whole, not just in those little bags of mixed leaves, good stuff, that's what I say. Sometimes it's a good idea to get happy over little things....

The sausages are based on a recipe by Julie Hasson at Every Day dish (see link on right-hand side). The first time I made up her recipe "Spicy Italian Vegetarian Sausages" I followed it as closely as I could, with what I could find here, using rice flour instead of chick pea flour for instance. And they were great! I like the texture and taste, so much better than anything that I had bought, and I can't easily buy anything pre-prepared and veggie like that here anyway.

I now often add in some breadcrumbs (I did this time), as suggested by Susan at Fat Free Vegan (link on the right-hand side), not so much to change the texture (Susan's reason I think) but to make them a little cheaper - breadcrumbs are a lot cheaper than vital gluten. Not mean, resource conscious...

This time I added: 1 cup of breadcrumbs, and one cup of cooked mashed up chickpeas, one apple (peeled, chopped and microwaved with a little brown sugar to make a puree), I didn't have any chick pea or rice flour, so just left it out, and I added about a generous teaspoon of dried sage.

The sage is the main flavour, unfortunately the apple taste doesn't come through, maybe because I just had a royal gala on hand, which are pretty bland. I'd like to try this using a good cooking apple. Instead of making 8 sausages, like Julie (I usually make 10), I made 16 smallish sausages. A tasty, light variation.

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