Friday, 5 September 2008

Bean rice bag sacky paper-weight things

Phew it seems to be getting more humid here. I have had the fan on in the flat while cutting out and sewing - but finding that I had pattern pieces flying here are these things to help keep the paper on the table. I was inspired by a post at "A Spoonful of Sugar" (, Lisa had made some much bigger and elegantly tassled ones to hold the pages in her books down. 

Well these are a little smaller. I cut out an equilateral triangle with 10cm sides from a piece of card, drew round this on the fabric, and used the line as a sewing line. Four triangles for each triangular pyramid. I then stuffed them with rice or lentils or couscous and that's it. Quick and simple. I did make the mistake of throwing one in the air in sight of now I have to hide them from him, because he thinks they are really interesting. They'd make good toys for children too, for throwing and catching games, obviously, and learning to juggle or just balancing them on your head...

(Um, yup, I did change the photo. I hate seeing horrible photos taken late at night under electric light. I know this isn't much better, but it's enough of an improvement. ;-))

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