Thursday, 18 September 2008

Bits and pieces

Hmm, no photo today. Back to work this week, but not properly. It's the no-man's land of work. I have to be at school, but classes don't start until 1st October. A mixture of being busy and trying to look busy.

Still excited by the prospect of gocco-ing, just trying to get hold of some paper/card samples to print on. This week I hope. I also picked up a paper cutter at Lidl today and it seems to work really well. I'd bought a cheap cutter years ago and took it back, it was awful, just a stanley knife blade that ripped the paper, but this seems to cut cleanly. It also comes with a blade that perforates and a wavy blade. I think it'll be a big help cutting up paper for the gocco....

The blackwork sampler is coming along, most of the outline is stitched, I hope I'm not making it too small to work the filler stitches, I'm hoping that with 32 count linen I'll have the space I'll need.

I wore the blouse to work yesterday and I was really pleased with the fit and look, the day before I wore some linen drawstring trousers I'd sewn and it feels great wearing clothes that really fit well and are comfortable. I hadn't realised how different it would feel - I hadn't thought that the clothes I normally wear didn't fit...

Last note to self - that curry was delicious! Maybe the wine and coconut made it special? Hmm, the freshly ground coriander didn't hurt, and the mustard seeds - yum!

OK, that's it.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I'm also about to start playing with a Gocco. I used one years ago and had so much fun. I'm borrowing my friends to help me to decide if I want to buy one to take home from Japan.

Have fun with yours!

Soja said...

Great! I expect you've seen the Gocco group on flickr? There's a lot of information, help and inspiration there. They are getting pretty expensive outside of Japan now that Riso have stopped production, and there are worries that supplies of bulbs, screens etc are becoming scarce, so it'd definitely be worth your while stocking up while you are in Japan. Can't wait to see your stuff! BTW, will you be putting any more fabric Lucky Dips in your Etsy shop?......;-)