Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm the toughest girl I know

I'm pleased with the bag, I estimated the dimensions and handle lengths, based on bags I already own. I wanted this to be a very light simple, unlined bag that could be folded up and taken along in another bag for groceries. However I didn't want any raw edges, so I used french seams and folded the handles carefully with the top edge so everything is all neat and lovely. Fortunately the sewing machine didn't seem to mind all the layers, I guess as this isn't furnishing fabric, poor little machine. It's plain medium weight cotton from Ikea. On the front I added some fabric paint direction - my first attempt. Hmm, well, you know I was going for a childlike style.....This bag is just a useful fun present (I hope) to put another present in...also to be sewn and yet to be created. 1st September and hey - the Christmas gift making is going at a decent pace. :-D

NB, I saw this wording a year or so ago on something or other, a t-shirt in a shop, or maybe a bag, and I liked it. I think the recipient will too.

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