Sunday, 14 September 2008

Felt tips as fabric markers

I saw these amongst all the back to school stationary displays last week and the washable bit caught my eye. I wondered if they could be used as fabric markers. I would have preferred something with a thinner tip, but these turbo tips were especially marked as being completely washable at 40º. Well, if they hadn't worked I could have always used them as felt tips for classroom displays and lesson prep. They were €2.99 for twelve, which makes them cheaper than pens sold as fabric markers - which I can't buy locally here. I use triangular blocks of tailors chalk, but this isn't always fine enough.

Anyway, as the blouse in the last post was going to be a practise version I used the grey marker and drew on the fabric. I ironed it too, wondering if this might change the washability of the marker...but I washed the blouse last night at 40º with my usual detergent and success! No marker, it's worked. The blouse is made from light-weight 100% cotton fabric, maybe on other material the results might be different and obviously it'd be no good for material that can't be washed at 40º I won't be using it for embroidery that I don't intend to wash, but generally anything I'm going to sew to wear is going to be machine washed so I think these will be a good cheaper alternative to fabric markers. Great!

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