Thursday, 4 September 2008

Little T-shirts for a little friend

So this stabilser thing then. It works - all sewn on cotton knit and no puckers. Great. I used a stabilser called "Avalon" by Madeira, purchased from Jaycotts ( £4 for 5m. It is a transparent fabric that dissolves in water, but isn't ironed on. I chose it mostly because it said it was environmentally friendly and that it was ideal for sewing onto knits and for machine embroidery - exactly what I wanted to use it for. I had wondered if it would work, I thought I might be better off with an iron on stabilser, but it worked really well, the machine didn't seem to object at all, no chewing of fabric or tension problems. I used some medium light cotton for the appliques, shapes made up by me. The "J" because the little boy's name begins with a J ;-) and the bus because his father is a little bit bus crazy. I don't think the inside is rough - I did line the sun with a bit of light knit material as I thought that the gold thread was a bit scratchy, so hopefully this will be fine. I bought the t-shirts, size 18-24 months, from Eroski.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thanks for the stabalizer advice. I'm wanting to try applique myself sometime soon, so that really comes in handy.

Soja said...

With your lovely designs and fabrics the applique is bound to be gorgeous! If the material I'm sewing on is a not a knit I've appliqued on it without needing stabilser with no problems. If the fabric I'm using for the applique is fairly lightweight I often stick it to some light fusible interfacing, just to stop it fraying to pieces if I'm using the machine. I don't use anything if I'm sewing by hand as the pieces are always small and i turn the edges under as I sew. I'll look forward to seeing what you create!