Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rain rain rain.

Rain, rain, rain. Not a bad thing. It's still warm, and this part of Spain needs the water. but it's strange. Three days in a row of rain and a spectacular thunder and lightning storm on Sunday. Over the last couple of years, it'd seemed that down here in the south-east there were only two seasons, summer and winter. Summer lasted, and then ended promptly more or less on the 31st October and winter began on 1st November, almost as if the weather looked at the calendar. I went from having nothing but a sheet on the bed to both layers of my four seasons quilt within a week. Perhaps this year there will be an autumn.

Jaffa is mesmerised by the rain falling and splashing on to the balcony and Lucky tries to shake himself dry in the middle of wet rainy walks. I think he likes the mud on his paws. The days are drawing in. September is a mixture of beginnings and endings. The academic year is about to start, new students, new books, new pencils, and at the same time winter nights are looming, the days are getting shorter, the end of the year approaches. Beginnings and endings.

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