Monday, 29 September 2008

Story so far

Story so far, originally uploaded by soja.

The cooler weather is making hand craft much more doable. I've mostly finished the outline, worked in holbein stitch with two strands of floss, over two strands of linen. I've left the lower trunk undone so it doesn't get worn and rubbed in the ring while I stitch the rest of the design.

To pull the sampler together, I've used the same filler stitch for all the leaves (I think this is the same as the original, there is a photo in the book, but no details of which filler stitches are used where). The rest of the strange fruits will all have a different filler stitch each. I'm going to work these with one or two strands, for a little variety in tone.

The rest of my brain is filled with gocco ideas and thoughts of teaching, classes start again on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

It looks great already!
What do you teach?

Soja said...

Thanks! I teach English to Spanish children at a language academy in Southern Spain.