Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Life: I wish we would handle with care

So there are things I like about this country I have chosen to spend time in, and things I appreciate of course, I don't believe in going to live in a country, by my own choice, and then complaining about it. But I hate this time of year, not the change in season, sometimes that isn't evident at all, and this year having Autumn is quite exciting. I've missed it, in this part of Spain we have gone from Summer straight to Winter.

But the abandoned animals break my heart. The problem seems to be worse after the summer. People take in, or get animals from somewhere for the summer. When the summer ends they abandon the animals. Walking my dog, we've seen more street dogs since September, and more cats. I lived in a city in Catalunya for a couple of years, and this didn't seem to happen, but here in the South-east it seems more prevalent. 

I hate it, I feel powerless to make any difference. In class, we talk about pets and animals, and I gently introduce the ideas of responsibility to care for animals at home and adopting animals from the street or a rescue centre rather than buying pets. I have pictures of my cat and dog in class, the children are keen to talk about them and ask questions, I am always clear that they were both abandoned animals from the street. (I teach English to children in Spain, pets is a common topic with younger children).

Opposite my flat there is a tiny siamese looking kitten living under the bins. I saw him/her last night for the first time. Very small, dusty, with eyes that look a bit sticky. I don't think he is more than 6 to 8 weeks old. He's making that strange loud miaouwing noise, too big a noise for his little body. I thought he might be part of a group, other cats to huddle with and find food with, but I haven't seen any others. He is too scared to let me get close, I've tried a few times, but he backs away. I'm scared he'll run into the busy road if I get too close. Perhaps with some food I can tempt him out. 

And if I can, then what can I do? I suppose give him a home, but with a boisterous dog and a young cat that doesn't like other animals it wouldn't be easy. Cowardly, I wish I just didn't have to see all these poor animals, I wish that I was living somewhere else. Or maybe I just wish that we all handled each other, and every living thing, with a little more care.


Catofstripes said...

Poor kitten. So very difficult to know what to do with all the lost animals, it's the same in France to a great extent. But there are some caring loving shelters and people working for the animals. I'm sure there will be places in Spain too, maybe run by ex-pats but still providing hope for the animals. I do hope so.

Concha said...

Hi Soja!

I just wanted you to know that I took your advice on buying an universal walking foot online and it works wonderfully!

Quilting without proper tools was so frustrating... I had to undo everything but when the walking foot arrived I was so pleased!

Thanks again!