Wednesday, 22 October 2008


First, the cat. I decided that my plan would be to put food down for the kitten for a couple of days, win his trust so that I could get close enough to pick him up without him running under a car, take him in and then try to find him a home or get him to a rescue centre. Stripey cat is right, there are ex-pat run rescue centres a few miles away on the coast so I was hoping that I'd be able to get a colleague to drive me there if needs be. As it was, I gave the kitten a small can of food, he carried it under a car and gobbled it up, so apart from being a bit dirty and having sticky eyes he seemed to be fairly strong and fiesty. He wouldn't come close to me. I noticed that some one else had put down some milk. When I went to check on him a few hours later there was no sign of him anywhere. So I think, and hope, that whoever had put down the milk came back for him and gave him a home.

Nothing has been noted here for a while partly because nothing notable has been done. This is not a diary after all. I had a friend visiting and the new school year has kept me busy, I have had no time to sew/print/knit/draw. Or at least, if I have had the time I've been too tired to do anything with it. And I haven't been cooking, or for that matter eating much, except when out being a tourist with my visiting friend.

But I have lots of plans, I need to make a few more christmas gifts, possibly cards too, and as I left my only jacket on the train I need to sew a jacket. Possibly a bigger sewing task than I had planned to tackle just yet. Still I've found a free pattern on Burdastyle and ordered some lovely bottle green chunky corduroy to make it with. More soon, I'll need to make lots of notes on these projects.

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