Sunday, 25 January 2009

Flower Power!

Colourful huh?! I'm making up a gift for a good friend's daughter, she'll be seven in a couple of weeks. I phoned her mum to check that this would be an ok gift. I'm going to make up a little package with some silicon cake moulds, a wooden spoon and a couple of cake recipes.

I'm pleased with how this has turned out - I made up a pattern for the apron and oven glove myself. The shape of the apron is based on one I own. On my apron the neck strap is just part of the binding, I wanted to change this so that it would be adjustable and more comfortable. After thinking for a while I came up with this. I have sewn a couple of pink buttons onto the back front of the apron and then made four button holes on the detachable neck strap so that it can be adjusted to the right size. I have also added a big pouch style pocket, lined with red and trimmed with matching bias binding.

The oven glove is made of matching fabric, polar fleece for wadding/batting, lined with red fabric and trimmed with the same matching fuscia binding. I've made it in what I hope is a good size for the recipient - I remember finding adult gloves too unwieldy and clumsy when I was her age.

I also made up a quick hairband, based on the pattern in 'Bend the Rules Sewing' by Amy Karol to keep her hair out of the mixing bowl!

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

What a lovely present! I'm sure she'll love it!