Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Satay Udon noodles with brocolli, oyster mushrooms and cashew nuts

Made to kind of celebrate the Lunar New Year on Monday - not that I have any connection to this celebration, but it seems like a happy colourful event. I think the Chinese tradition is too eat noodles for the New Year to ensure a long life?

After living in Southern Spain for TWO YEARS I've finally realised that the 'ornamental' oranges that are grown in the parks here (not the sweet orange trees grown in orchards all around) are probably Seville oranges. The locals I'd asked about them just told me they were too bitter to eat, the fruits are left to rot or thrown away. Hmm, very bitter, knobbly shape....just like the seville oranges that are so prized by marmalade makers in Britain.

So after all the terrible wind I picked up some of the windfalls and will be making marmalade at the weekend. Reading up about Seville oranges I found out that the juice could be used instead of lemon juice, still providing the sourness but obviously with an orangey taste. I tried that out in this dish and it was really delicious! I'm going to be picking up more.

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The Vegan SlaughterHouse said...

oh yea...this looks awesome! All of my favorite things in one dish! You go gurl!