Monday, 19 January 2009

Tea for Two

Now, I should have taken a picture of these things all packaged up - they looked much nicer! The coasters are made from thick cotton (Ikea) with a layer of thin polar fleece in the middle (sewn with the cotton, not added separately - much easier!) They are based on the coasters in "Bend the Rules Sewing" by Amy Karol, I just used fleece instead of cotton and added a few rows of machine quilting to make them sturdier.

I made some embroidered napkins to match, with teapots and a little green shamrock, the gift is for a very dear family friend, an Irish man who used to collect tea pots, loves tea and has a sweet tooth. I made up the pattern - hence the pots are a bit wonky.

I packed them up with some teabags and sugar cubes all tied up with red ribbon and a label that said "Tea for Two!" Hope they arrive in time.


Marquita said...

Pretty little things :-)
I love the colour combination.

Soja said...

Thank-you :-)