Tuesday, 3 February 2009

All done!

All done, originally uploaded by soja.
Seville orange marmalade, four jars; Piccalilli six jars; Apple and plum chutney four jars, Lime pickle two jars, Chilli tomato sauce two jars, Seville orange whisky marmalade two jars.
All I have to do now is label them and store them. And hope they keep. Some of the limes are not completely covered, though this might change as they soften. I might have to work out a way of opening them up and then re-pickling them. Not sure yet. Everything else seems fine.
I want to work out what the cost works out for these too. I think it's pretty good.


bazu said...

beautiful! I might try your marmalade recipe- I've always been nervous about trying to make it at home... and picalilly- how cool!

Soja said...

Thank-you! It's really easy, honestly - just three ingredients, marmalade, sugar and water.

One year I was given bags of free sweet oranges so I made marmalade with them, just with less sugar and some lemon pips and juice for extra pectin so it would set.