Sunday, 1 February 2009

First Bite!

First Bite!, originally uploaded by soja.

Breakfast this morning - it worked! The marmalade is delicious, if I do say so myself! Perfect set and great colour.

Last time I made marmalade, about two years ago, I remember that I was worried that the marmalade was still too runny, even though it passed a set test, so I jarrred some and boiled up the rest until it was thicker. The first batch was better, the second a little thicker than I wanted. I remembered this and stopped cooking the oranges as soon as they were at the setting point and the rind was as soft as I wanted it to be. So note to future self - stop when it's set, it'll firm up a little when cool.

Pouring with rain outside, and a bit grey, but some how I always feel that making marmalade and pickles catches some of the sunshine in the jars. Well, it makes me happy.


Catofstripes said...

Looks scrummy :)

I haven't made Piccalilli for years. I'm jealous.

We're about to make lime chutney here but I keep forgetting to buy garlic and we've run out of homegrown.

Soja said...

I'd love your recipe for lime chutney - I'm half way through making lime pickle, all brought ingredients unfortunately. I miss the allotment I had in England - though perhaps not all the hard work associated with it!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That looks delicious! I always think that people who can make marmalade are terribly clever!

Soja said...

Thank-you! But it is really easy - I want to take some photos of all the jars, they look so bright and beautiful, but still grey skies here and not much light about.

shelia said...

you blog is making me hungry...i better go to bed :)