Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mind the gap

I'm sure this isn't an original idea, but I'm pleased with myself for thinking of it and am wondering if I could do the same with outer wear tops....

A month or so ago I got fed up of feeling cold and bought a couple of vests on special offer. And what an instant difference! They were long enough to not become untucked from my jeans or skirts or whatever I was wearing and I actually felt warm again. I don't think I've worn a vest regularly since I was seven years old. Actually, with skirts there is not usually a problem as I'm wearing tights - why do thick tights seem to be designed to reach your armpit? I'm 5ft7" (1.70m) so it's not as if I'm particularly short. Anyway...

 I have a long back, and the couple of vests I already owned (got before a trip to Sweden one January) were not quite long enough and always came untucked from jeans, leaving a gap that made me feel colder. Living in Spain for the most part since that trip, they haven't had much wear and it seemed daft to spend much time making vests or buying more as theoretically I shouldn't need them.

So I came up with the idea of just stitching a length of stretch lace around the bottom. I got the lace from ebay, 10cm wide (4"), stitched it around the bottom, over the top of the original serged hem (not stretching the lace), and dahdah! 5 minutes later lovely long vests that leave no gap! I'm now tempted to add a wide band of lace to most tops and knickers I own....would that be very wrong? This winter is lasting too long.

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