Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Guest Slippers from 'Weekend Sewing' by Heather Ross

Ooof! This is from a couple of weeks ago... summer holiday is nearly here... One more lesson to go.

I think this is the medium size, they fit! Another time I'll adjust how I sew on the ric-rac so that more of it shows. I used wider elastic at the back, as it was what I had at hand, but it would have been better with narrower elastic - as in the instructions.

Inside of using felted sweater for the soles, I thought I'd use some fleece, but this didn't seem to be thick enough, so I decided to sort of cover it/quilt it with some furnishing weight cotton fabric from Ikea. This worked, but made it a little tougher to hand stitch to the bottoms.


Anonymous said...

They look very cute - great job!

Soja said...


Brie said...

They're cute! This is the first pattern that I want to sew from this book, but I've been looking for alternative ideas for the felted bottom (because I want the finished slippers to be totally washable). I may try the fleece idea, now!