Sunday, 28 June 2009

Summer food

Fresh!, originally uploaded by soja.

I couldn't decide what to have for dinner the other night, so was surfing and reading blogs. Then I saw Susan's post (on Fat Free Vegan), vegetable samosas, but with wraps rather than pastry. That's what I wanted to eat.

I knew I had leftover bean and potato curry in the fridge, some tomatoes, coriander and cucumber, a little sliced onion, a packet of wheat tortillas in the cupboard.... a bit of pepper, a little salt, a squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil and some chilli sauce... dinner! Fresh and delicious.

I love fresh coriander, but it's quite hard to get here - another thing I should try to grow on the balcony - does it grow ok in pots?


Genie said...

Yes, coriander grows great in pots!

Or at least, mine was growing amazingly on my north-facing back patio until this afternoon when my kid seized the entire plant around the base and heaved it out of the ground. Now we're just waiting and hoping. :)

Soja said...

eek! The parsley grows well and the basil is very happy, weirdly the rosemary and mint (which have always seemed indestructible when I've grown them before) always die! Will look for seeds tomorrow! ;-)