Monday, 27 July 2009

Early morning

Early morning sun, originally uploaded by soja.

The light is beautiful, this is the third time in a fortnight that I have stayed up all night to enjoy the cool air of the night and the early morning. This way it is cool enough to sleep, Lucky enjoys his last walk and first walk of the day, the day is seen at it's best..... and I am completely stonked by midday!

Though I hold out until lunch time and take a siesta, like many of my neighbours. It's just that mine starts earlier before lunchtime at 2pm and finishes later at 6pm. And sometimes I feel as if I have jet-lag by about 10 am. Not today though, It's 11.30 and I'm on my second breakfast of the day, all is good with my small part of the world.

And I finished those buttons. They are about 15mm, the smaller ones I bought (all 100 of them) don't seem to work with the universal button covering tool. Oh. But this size seems ok.

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