Monday, 13 July 2009

It takes two....

It takes two...., originally uploaded by soja.

A little present for a little boy... a bit of a repeat, very similar to the two made last year for another little boy for his second birthday during the 'Learning to Sew flickr group sew-a-long.'

These are, pretty much, the turtles in Amy Karol's 'Bend the Rules Sewing' book. I changed the pattern a little, I cut out one cone-shaped piece of fabric for the tail, making one seam, instead 0f cutting two triangular pieces and making two seams - I remember finding the tail impossible to turn right side out last year.

I also cut the bottom as one piece, leaving a gap in the side to turn the body right side out. This was more because I had forgotten the bottom piece was supposed to be cut as two pieces, leaving a gap for turning- I had lost the pattern pieces for the bottom and the legs so I just drew them freehand at what I hoped was the right size.

I also appliqued a couple of felt "2"s onto their backs just to add a little hand stitched love and embroidered the eye and mouths.

As I was already making two, I cut out and sewed another eight at the same time. 32 leg pieces. Phew. It makes the cutting out quicker, and some of the sewing, but I had to stop to change the thread colour a few times, so not that quick really. The rest are nearly finished, they just need faces. They look really cute all bundled up in my project basket. They are going to be put aside for 'the shop'.


Genie said...

We still like our turtles! Those are just as gorgeous. :)

Catofstripes said...

I really like all these toys you're making.

Soja said...