Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New toy with new home

I use a laptop (MacBook - thanks kind and generous friend) and no mouse, I've been happy with the trackpad and haven't missed a mouse in the last five years.

But, photo editing is a bit tricky with no mouse, depending on what you want to do, and I've been interested in using the computer to make more graphic images. For work I often make worksheets and draw and photocopy images to illustrate those. It would be easier, in the long run, if I could do that on the computer so that I have a permanent easily transportable copy, rather than folders and folders of paper.

And I've been playing with gimp, and it's fun. I was thinking about getting a mouse, though where I use the computer I haven't really got room for a mouse. Mostly because the cat has taken over the space next to the laptop... Then I was thinking that for what I wanted to do, a graphics tablet would be better anyway, and when I started idly searching on the internet I found that they weren't as hugely expensive as I thought they were, not cheap, but not that bad either.

Wacom Bamboo tablets seem to have a good reputation, I bought their cheapest model and I'm really impressed with it. Perhaps because I haven't used a mouse for so long, I'm finding using the pen and tablet intuitive and easy. The ArtRage software that came with it seems amazing, after only using the Paint programme on Windows before. Fun.

As neither the cat or the dog can be trusted around pens or pencils, I knew I would need a safe home for the tablet. Despite only arriving three days ago I was a bit horrified with myself to find that I had already managed to scuff one side of the tablet. So action was needed.

This little pouch didn't take too long, I quilted one piece of fabric with straight lines, using a piece of masking tape as a guide, then used two strips of matching fabric to bind the short ends and then two longer strips to bind the sides. And a covered button and elastic loop fastening.

The fabric is from Ikea, I think it is one of their newer ranges. This would be lovely for a bag too...

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