Friday, 24 July 2009

Tiny Totes

Simple Totes from BTRS -fronts, originally uploaded by soja.

Teeny tiny and sturdy. These are the 'Simple Tote' pattern from 'Bend the Rules Sewing' by Amy Karol. I'd made one of these before, using the measurements given in the book, so knew that they were small. I think they are a good size for children, they can carry them themselves without the bag dragging on the floor, or they are a good size for an adult's handbag (purse for any Americans out there). I like the way that the long handle is threaded through the short handle to keep the bag closed.

I made these with 100% cotton material from Ikea, they are all furnishing (home dec) weight fabric, two are also lined with furnishing fabric, making them especially sturdy, and two are lined with medium weight cotton. I love the colours and patterns. I thought these would be good things to make to sell, but I'm having second thoughts.

Theoretically, they should be quick and simple to make, but my machine seemed to be really out of sorts this week, what with that and the temperature being above 40ºC, it all seemed too much trouble. I went from using a 14 to a number 16 needle to try and get a good finish on the topstitching. I think I have sewed these bags several times over. Unlike unravelling knitting, there is really only so many times you can undo stitching before spoiling the material. I think this is why I find knitting more relaxing than sewing....

After abandoning the bags for a couple of days, I finished them today, the machine behaved - despite not changing the settings, thread or needle. grrr! I still can't get the top stitching perfect, though it is much better than it was. And I do like the result.

I've also been covering a few more buttons.... perhaps some pictures tomorrow. The anticipation, I know.... ;-)

OK, 10pm 36ºC, cold beer or sangria is calling to me from the fridge. Apologies to anyone suffering from the cold, I don't usually complain about the bright hot sunny days, but when I walked out on the street yesterday I looked to see what lorry or mobile device was causing the hot oven-like blast of heat, to realise it was the sun. Crazy hot.


Catofstripes said...

Only about 20C hotter than it is here right now then! Cheers.

Miss Gina Designs said...

Love the vibrant fabrics! Very nice!!