Wednesday, 1 July 2009

WIP 3 - Hair stage 2

WIP -3 Hair stage 2, originally uploaded by soja.

I can't work how to adjust the photo in fd's flickr toys mosaic maker, I don't think I can, without cropping the photo and uploading again.

Anyway, the hair, mostly done. I think that I may need to add a couple more strands of yarn here and there - there is well over 50g of acrylic yarn on her head already! In the future I will adjust the lengths of hair that i add, and maybe use combinations of different yarns (thicknesses, colours, feel...) It took a long time - but really, I had forgotten how much i enjoy sewing like this, when I was a girl I just used to make things up, I got books from the library, but didn't buy patterns and rarely fabric - I used what I could find at home.

So, the advantages of this method - there is a lot of hair, it can be played and restyled as much as the owner wishes, there are no 'bald spots' or fixed styles, and with this much yarn it is unlikely that it will ever become particularly thin. It also adds a nice weight to the doll, though I still found i could prop her up in a sitting or standing position without her toppling over (I think the feet shape helps here).

The disadvantages are the amount of yarn and time required, though I enjoyed the process, so I guess the advantages win out here. :-)

A couple more pictures are on my flickr page if you want to see them.

The outfit is based on the Chinese Doll outfit in Pamela Peake's book (see previous post) adapted to fit my doll and other tweaks here and there.


Catofstripes said...
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Catofstripes said...

But I think I've misunderstood... so I've deleted the last comment apart from this bit.

Nice hair and clothes. I really like this little doll. Hope you can find a little girl or boy to love her.

Anonymous said...

Oh she does look gorgeous. The hair is brilliant.

Soja said...

Thanks! :-)

Thanks Catofstripes, I read your comment (it was emailed to me) and that information is very useful! I didn't know that I could do that - well, I knew it was possible, but i didn't know how. But yes, I was actually talking about the fd's flickr tool, when you make a mosaic it crops your photos, and not usually the sides that you want to be cropped!

bakeandsew - thank-you so much for your offer and email - i don't use my gmail account very much, but I have replied to you now!