Wednesday, 1 July 2009

WIP 4 - The Face

An afternoon, originally uploaded by soja.

So, while the paella was happily cooking itself in the microwave (many thanks to Bryanna Clark Grogan for revealing that that was possibe, in her book Nonna's Italian Kitchen), I tried out a few ideas for the face. 

I used separate pieces of fabric to play with and practice on. I tried a few different painted features, a completely embroidered face, different sized and shaped eyes, full lips, and simple lines, cheeks and no cheeks, nose, no nose etc and decided to settle on the simple embroidered and felt circle version. Hmm, pretty difficult to find a shade of pink that didn't clash with the purple hair or the blue face ;-) I think I'm happy with this. I'd originally planned on making the eyes more detailed - what do you think?

I've ordered some lovely coloured acrylic felt from a UK Etsy seller (Fuzzy Fish). She has dozens of shades availabe, and even with the postage, it is much cheaper than I can buy here. Of course, I don't need much here, but I have plans for finger puppets in the future - thinking of Christmas gifts already!!

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