Saturday, 15 August 2009

Baby girl gifts

Baby girl gifts, originally uploaded by soja.

More free motion practise. :-)

I really like the way the bib turned out. I sort of followed the seedhead circles and petal shapes on the fabric with the quilting, without trying to follow the print exactly. This cotton is lovely, much softer, and a finer weave that some of the thicker Ikea cottons.

The ruffle-bottom onesie I made up quickly. I wanted to get it finished, washed and in the post today. It would have been quick, but don't look too closely, the machine really chewed at the fabric. Eventually, I managed to get it sewn using tissue paper under the fabric and unpicking the applique and redoing it by hand. I had to fold over the fabric on one of the ruffles where it had made holes eek! Perhaps I should have used a ballpoint needle. Hopefully, people will be far too distracted looking at the baby to notice.

Anyway, it seems to be some sort of national holiday, the post office and all shops are closed, so I couldn't get it in the post anyway. Ah well.

Still too chicken to attempt quilting the pinwheel quilt. Much easier to regulate the stitch length on smaller pieces.

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

It's even more gorgeous in person! Will upload a photo of it being modelled by the little one soon. Thank you again!