Monday, 17 August 2009

Drum roll please, trumpets blaring....ish

I've done it. I've opened up a shop at Etsy. :-) Waded through all the Spanish international postage charges, worked out how to reduce all the megabytes and kilobytes on my photo files, taken pictures in the best light I could find in the flat, hummed and hahhed and ermed over prices, weighed different sizes of jiffy bags and tissue paper on the kitchen scales, made up a little banner on Gimp and there we are, got a few things listed, loading took a long time.

So there you go, wonder if I'll sell anything? If you are interested, you can find me here:

The same name and banner as the blog, it seemed to fit and meant that I could use the same one :-) And save a little space in my memory.

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