Monday, 31 August 2009

Think I've got it!

First purse, originally uploaded by soja.

No posts for a week and then two all at once. I guess that's what comes of having several projects on the go at once.

Anyway, I think I've worked out the purse pattern I've been playing with for a couple of weeks. This is the second (and first successful) fabric prototype, I've played about with a few paper versions.

I used the knowledge from Cotton and Cloud's kit, but couldn't use the pattern, as the kit was for a larger, curved frame purse, whereas this is a small rectangular framed purse. Fortunately, U-Handbag has a tutorial explaining how to make your own pattern from your frame.

I used some of the practice quilting sandwich I still had leftover after making the bibs. The polar fleece blanket I used in the quilt sandwich definitely had more body than the fusible fleece, so seems to have made a good substitution here. I bought 10 of these frames for $16 from Cotton Touch, an Etsy seller based in Thailand, they arrived prettily wrapped and in good time. The fabric (except lining) is from Ikea.

I managed to buy some strong glue and cotton string for the cording at the local hardware store . I used bondaweb, to prevent fraying really, and then appliqued the flower pieces onto the already quilted fabric before attaching the frame.

I think I've got a pattern that works now, this was pretty easy, if a bit fiddly because of the size. Gotta tidy up all this sewing stuff before Dad arrives on Wednesday....


RosaMaría said...

it's so cute! that flower is the perfect detail

Sandra said...

This is so cute! It would make me smile every time I`d take the purse out of my bag :)

Soja said...

Thank-you! The applique was an experiment too - I love daisies :-) I have frames to make some more, but can't get the machine out or sit behind the computer while my Dad is here for his holiday - but I'll be back soon.