Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Next step - on your knees!

Hand basted quilt, originally uploaded by soja.

I (almost) feel like I have just hand quilted the whole thing!

But wouldn't that look great? Perhaps on some linen, embroidery thread spiral... hmm, another project.

I was going to try the curved safety pins for the first time, but a little note with my order said that they were out of stock and would arrive in about two weeks. So back to thread basting. I'm not really sure that using pins would be quicker. You still have to put them in, much like the needle, and then you have to stop and take them out as you quilt.

Not so arduous, bit hard on the knees, as I stuck the layers to the floor. The long and strong Milliners needle made the process easier. Note to self that the masking tape was a bit too sticky for the batting.

A second overcast day, and very windy - bad for photos, but oh my! Us dog walkers are all delighted with the slight reduction in heat. I actually wore three-quarter length sleeves today without baking.

Next step, free-motion quilting, not sure whether to wait and hope the new foot turns up soon, or go ahead and use my self-repaired one. And the pieced back? I love it almost as much as the front...

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