Thursday, 13 August 2009

I have to say.... a give away

Ha ha, it rhymes, not me giving away, though perhaps I will, it's just I'm not sure there are many people out there that would be interested....

Anyway, Bake and Sew posted about this great fabric give away over at I have to Say, what beautiful fabric, sigh, I wish there was a lovely fabric shop here.... Though I do have a little fabric ordered from Etsy seller TheHandMadeRepublic, thanks to an unexpected tax rebate - thank-you Mr Spanish tax man. And now I'll just have to go over and have a look at I have to Say's Etsy shop FreshSqueezedFabrics - any seller that will squeeze 8 to 10 yards into a priority mail package sounds good to me!

And another fabric give-away. From never entering a give away, I've entered two in one day, (blushing a little). I just went over to SimplyThisAndThat's blog to say thank-you for the Pinwheel Baby quilt pattern, while taking a break from the actual quilting which is getting a little frustrating. And she is having a beautiful fabric give away, if I make enough quilts I guess I'll have scraps one day too.

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Anonymous said...

I quite agree - that is a lot of fabric!!

I haven't forgotten the little gift I promised, I just have been busy with school holidays and rarely go into the sewing room to remind myself.

Lucky you getting a tax rebate - they are the best aren't they.