Monday, 24 August 2009

More Puzzle Balls

Moda Print Puzzle Ball, originally uploaded by soja.

Green print from Moda's Nouveau range. Attaching the segments is getting easier. :-)


Paula said...

I am about to start one of these - any tips on putting it together would be greatly appreciated! It seems a little daunting!
Cheers, P

Soja said...

Hi Paula,

They are easier than they seem!

My main tip would to be not to worry if the segments look a bit wonky after stuffing, it won't matter when they are all joined together, honestly.

Um, second would be that it might be better not to use safety pins to hold the segments together - whatever type I use, I find they always leave holes in the fabric.

And third, I found the instructions for sewing the segments together a bit confusing. I find it easier to attach them via the sides of the segments, not through the tops, if that makes sense?

Overall though, I find this quite fun to make. Looking forward to seeing yours!