Thursday, 20 August 2009

Puzzling Patchwork

Fabric Puzzle Ball, originally uploaded by soja.

I made one of these last year for a friend's baby. The instructions are from Joelle Hoverson's attractive book 'Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. It is made up of twelve sections, like last time, there was one point when I wondered if they all would fit together and make a ball. And then when they do it seems like a little bit of magic might have been involved.

I added lazy daisy stitches to each ends of the segments. The print fabric is from Moda's Nouveau line. The ball is about 51/2" high.

The structure sort of makes them a little bit bouncy. Very clever.


Genie said...

You should sell those on Etsy! If they aren't too troublesome to make .... I think they are really lovely!

Soja said...

Thanks Genie - I love the way your quilt is looking!!

I've taken your advice and listed this on Etsy, I haven't sold anything yet, but then I haven't done anything to promote it either. Not sure how to go about that.

Catofstripes said...

I really want to buy this for my new grand nephew in Sweden but I've just had an very unsuccessful moment trying to set up a paypal account via Etsy. I don't have a different card to use and I'm certainly not jumping through the hoops they've set up for me.

Can I pay some other way directly?

Soja said...

Hi Catofstripes, I got your order via Etsy/gmail and I've emailed you. I wasn't sure if you'd managed to sort out paypal, but yes, don't worry, we can sort something out and I'm happy to gift wrap and to include a card to say who the gift is for/from and send it directly to Sweden. Hope all good with you and the cats, Amanda

Catofstripes said...

Thanks for helping me sort out Paypal. Waiting in anticipation!