Thursday, 13 August 2009


Quilted!, originally uploaded by soja.

Um, yes, I know this doesn't look much like pinwheels....

The thing is, I've been having a bit of trouble with the quilting, and decided I needed to try something larger than the sandwiches I had made earlier, but a little smaller than the pinwheel quilt.

So I made this up yesterday from the white fabric and batting I had left and 11 charm pack squares. These are another Moda design - Clementine, from the same Ebay seller as before. I decided to just quilt and not stop and unpick every second squiggle.

In the end, it seems the problem was something to do with the new darning foot. It seems to fit ok, but I just couldn't get the tension right at all. After trying everything I could think of with the tension, thread and needles. I swapped back to my old broken-but-fixed-awkwardly-by-me darning foot, and no tension problems. Why? I might see if I can get some advice from somewhere, maybe a quilting group on flickr.

What to do about the foot? I'm sort of happy to have actually finished this with this technique, but frustrated too, because I don't know why I was having the problem. I like the design of the old foot because it has a bigger ring to see through, but my repair won't hold out for long. The new foot is plastic, and much quieter to use, I see lots of other people using plastic feet, so don't see why that should be a problem. Humph.

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Genie said...

I think it's GORGEOUS! And from the picture the quilting looks fantastic. I'm sure that once it's washed and everything it'll be really hard, even for you, to see the small imperfections.

I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the tension, though -- there's little more frustrating than something like that! I hope you can sort it out!