Tuesday, 22 September 2009

European Quilting Bee

I was invited to, and have joined, my first Quilting Bee! Tacha contacted me through flickr to see if I was interested. After checking it didn't matter that I was new to quilting - I was thrilled to accept.
To keep postage costs down, it is a European Quilting Bee. I think that there are eighteen of us and that we will be starting in January. Tacha has started a flickr group for us, it seems there are quite a few other beginners, not just me. I'm feeling quite excited already, just looking at everyone's flickr photos and blogs, inspired by what they have done, and wondering what types of blocks are going to be requested and what fabrics are going to be used.

I've volunteered to be last, so my quilt might take a while before it is made, but I'm really looking forward to working on blocks for this group.

Here is Tacha's logo for the bee:

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