Wednesday, 30 September 2009

More photos!

Pinwheel baby quilt mosaic, originally uploaded by soja.

Still stormy and overcast here, so not great pictures, but the quilt is all dry and wrinkled up.

I think this Nouveau fabric is really lovely, some of the prints remind me of Liberty or William Morris designs. This collection was designed by Sentimental Studios for Moda, I purchased a charm pack from the Emerald City people on Ebay, and a half yard bundle of six of the prints from Whipstitch at Etsy.

The quilt pattern was designed by Jodi Nelson (Pleasant Home blog) and is available as a free tutorial at Moda Bakeshop.

The white cotton backing/border fabric is bleached quilters muslin from The Cotton Patch. It is lovely and soft, though I thought it was a little thin and might be see through, but after washing it has wrinkled up and looks thicker. The wadding/batting is Quilters Dream Cotton 100% pure cotton batting, the select weighting, also from The Cotton Patch.

The thread is machine quilting thread, cotton, I think Coty 30, again from Cotton Patch. I managed to find a slightly cheaper 'Big Foot' free motion foot on Ebay, designed by Lynn Graves and I found it to work really well. There is great visibility and it is plastic and not as noisy as my metal foot, so I think I have the ol' presser foot problem solved.

I did have some trouble with the thread snapping, but I think there is something wrong with my machine (or me! eek!)

I'm really happy with this, I was worried while quilting that some of the stitches were too big and some too small. I did rip out a few bits here and there and redo them, but now it is all washed and finished I think that it looks pretty sweet.

I'm going to try and take some better pictures, make up a little appliqued matching baby top and pop this into the Etsy shop and see what happens...


Cristin said...

How fun! Are the edging (little flag things) free to flap in the breeze? I've never seen such a thing, I love it! How clever! Its gorgeous, you've done a superb job!

I find that baby quilts sell pretty quick on Etsy, from experience.
Good luck to you! Love it!

RosaMaría said...

that is a very lovely quilt! i like to much the fabrics you used (noveau).

Soja said...

Thank-you! I might be blushing ;-)

Yes, thanks Cristin, I think they are a bit different too, I can imagine a baby having fun playing with them.

They are called "prairie points" and are made up from folded squares (not sewn triangles) it's my first time making them - it was what really drew me to Jodi's pattern. They are few to flap about!

I found them easy to do, they needed a lot of pressing to keep them flat, and I didn't overlap them, like Jodi, to make it easier to sew through the layers.

I'm hoping to sell it - to fund more quilt-making!

Thanks Rosa Maria - this was the first time I've used a charm pack - it definitely made things quicker and easier!!

Genie said...

It's gorgeous! Really -- not only are the colours and patterns great, but the beautiful quilting wrinkling is fantastic. I almost hope you keep it as a memento instead of selling it -- how great to have something so beautiful in your home! :)