Wednesday, 28 October 2009

After the Fried Green Tomatoes

Chutney and Pickles, originally uploaded by soja.

Well, more like what to do with the rest of the green tomatoes after eating fried and grilled tomatoes for a few days after being given several kilos by a colleague!

I adapted two recipes from The Austrailan Women's Weekly 'The Book of Preserving', like usual. The main adaptations were using white sugar instead of brown and a mixture of vinegars (apple, sherry, white wine, balsamic) instead of brown.

The brown stuff is a double batch of Green Tomato Chutney, I added carrots, smoked sweet paprika, dried juniper berries and ground ginger to the recipe and left out the sultanas and cayenne pepper because I didn't have any, and used a mixture of all the vinegars above as that was everything I had in the kitchen to make it up to 2 litres.

The yellow is Curried Green Tomato Pickles, I added a jar of sliced pickled cucumber, instead of a fresh cucumber, whole dried cayenne chillies, instead of ground, and used apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar.

Oh, and that is a nosey dog behind the jars.

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