Saturday, 10 October 2009

Finished quilt top

Finished quilt top - unironed, originally uploaded by soja.

Well, I've checked, nobody in my family reads this blog, so I can say that this is going to be a (slightly belated) 60th birthday present for my mum.

She likes bright colours, when I was growing up I remember her wearing a lot of shocking pink and electric blue in the eighties - including matching mascara(!) She has also recently repainted the pink walls of the living room, changing them to white, and bought a new dark brown sofa, so I had planned to either go for brown and autumnal colours or brown and pink, which is what I have chosen. I was looking at some lovely vibrant Kaffe Fossett prints in SusieCraft's Ebay shop, and then saw she had a bundle of Amy Butler fat quarters on sale, and thought the brown and pinks were sort of what I was thinking of.

My parents have a dog and cats that are all over everything, tidiness isn't their thing, so I wanted the quilt to be quite 'busy' so it wouldn't look too grubby too quickly. I think (hope) Mum will like it. I haven't got any fabric for the backing yet, or any wading, so this is as far as I can get with this for a bit. I'm planning to freemotion quilt with some pink/yellow varigated thread, I haven't used it before. The solids are there because I was thinking of using those spaces to maybe hand quilt names or shapes relevant to Mum, maybe family names, dates, or something?