Sunday, 4 October 2009

Where did the weekend go?!

Phew, school is in full swing again. Bit of a shock to the system. Lucky and Jaffa aren't very keen on me being out of the house most of day - they have both been waiting for me at the door when I get in.

I've started a new quilt - it's going to be very colourful, it's a bit of a late birthday gift for someone special, so I might have to be a little bit cryptic... I'm using lots of Amy Butler fabric for the first time, I got a bundle of 24 fqs on sale from SusieCraft on ebay, and am mixing in a little bit of solids and other fabric.

I also managed to get an almost full size picture of the pinwheel quilt, and make up a little matching onsie (pictured above), so that's listed on Etsy now. I think I'll have to try and improve some of the photos, they seem to come out a little darker/less saturated when I upload them to Etsy? Hmm, same happens when I use the fd's flickr toys mosaic maker. Hmm, better stick to the day job for now!

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