Monday, 26 October 2009

Zig-zags zagged

Finished! Bit of a break as I was having trouble quilting this. I think it is partly to do with the thread - it's very thick cotton (30 from Cotton Patch) eventually I got it done with a size 16/100 needle and a new sewing machine (which should be a post all of its' own). I must remember to order some topstitch or quilting needles, perhaps the bigger eye would help with all the thread snapping.

The batteries on the camera are dead. I think I need new rechargeable batteries? How long do they usually last? I suppose mine are between three and two years old.

My favourite bit is the binding. More details and pictures to follow.


RosaMaría said...

just beautiful!!! do you have a new sewing machine??!!! wich one? ooohhh lucky you!!!

Soja said...

Thank-you! Yes, I am lucky - I have a new machine.

I have been using a basic mechanical machine - it was ok, but noisy and struggled a bit with the quilting. I decided to spend some of my savings on a better machine - I bought a Janome 6260QC, it only arrived on Thursday and I love it! It's so quiet and the stitch quality is amazing after my other machine.

I'm very happy!