Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Zig-zags!, originally uploaded by soja.

Four day weekend finished, and another quilt top, I'm about a third of the way through the quilting now. Phew. ;-)

And another bad dark photo, the only space big enough to baste was my no-natural-light hall floor - then the trickiest bit was keeping Lucky and Jaffa off until I was finished. The fabric is the Red Letter Day range by Lizzy House and one fq from Amy Butler (the feathers). I had loved the fabric when I had seen it online, then liked it but felt it wasn't as bright I was expecting when it arrived, then loved it again when I put it against the white cotton.

I had wanted to try seminole quilting this weekend, and had been playing around and thinking of ideas, wondering how to work out how much fabric I'd need for a whole quilt.... when I remembered Amanda Jean had a tutorial for a no-triangle zig-zag quilt (see her blog: CrazyMomQuilts). Amanda doesn't call it seminole, but I think it's the same idea, her quilts are always wonderful, I knew I'd have no problems if I followed her measurements and instructions, so that's what I did.

I cut my blocks a fraction smaller, 5.25"(instead of 5.5"), just to make sure the quilt top wouldn't end up too big for the wadding I had, and just in case my sewing and cutting weren't as accurate as they should be. Hmm, the cutting was the most time consuming boring bit. This top has ended up about 38 x 58" I think. It is my biggest quilt so far (Mum's quilt is much bigger, but is only a quilt top at the moment).

I'm free motion quilting in a meandering design, with white cotton thread. More photos when I have some light, not sure when I will get to finish it....

Thanks for the comments on the threads for Mum's quilt. I think I might order the tea and candy floss colour-ways and see what they look like in 'real life', I need to order the batting from the same people anyway. Not sure how much thread I'll need - depends how much I unpick I suppose. ;-)


Cristin said...

what a gorgeous zig-zag quilt!!! LOVE your fabric choices, well done, they look fabulous together! can't wait to see it all quilted and lovely ;-)

RosaMaría said...

F A N T A S T I C!!! i love the zig zag and these tutorial is great!! i love your fabrics !! those little ducks are so cute!

Soja said...

Thanks! The tutorial is great - it's a quick quilt to put together.