Sunday, 8 November 2009

Another quilt top!

Another quilt top!, originally uploaded by soja.

Made with one jelly roll! I haven't used one before and was curious to see what you could do with just one, so I odered this from Emerald City on Ebay.

The fabric is Soiree from Moda, I'd love to have some bigger pieces of some of these prints - I really love the botanical ones.

I wanted to make a Rail Fence pattern, so did a little maths to work out some possible designs, I thought of making blocks with three strips, but decided, as there were forty strips in the roll, I'd go for blocks made up of four strips.

I sewed groups of four strips together, arranging prints of similar colours, so that I had 10 wide strips. I should have been able to cut these into five 8.5" blocks, but my seams had been a little wider, so ended up cutting five blocks of 8". Fifty blocks in total. I thought of making a square quilt, 7x7, using 49 blocks, but ended up using 48, making a rectangular quilt, 6x8 blocks.

I was going to sew these into strips, but looking at other photos on flickr, I realised that it was more common to sew 4 blocks together, making bigger blocks. I think this helps to match the points, I'm pleased with my corners on this quilt anyway - I haven't unpicked anything!

Georgia helped me work out how to get the best from the Janome 1/4" patchwork foot. I found I got nice even seams - but just under 5/8". I think this was partly to do with the zigzag edges of the strips. She told me that she had sewed on some graph paper and adjusted the needle position. I hadn't thought of this as I have never used a machine where this could be adjusted. I drew some lines, I only had to move the needle to 4, from 3.5, just a tiny difference, but it seems to have done the trick.

The quilt top is 45x52"/115x132cm so far. I have no wadding and no backing fabric, so this is as far as I can get for a while.


RosaMaría said...

that looks great!! i'm making one with that desing, with one portobello jelly roll! hope mine looks like yours!

Soja said...

I'm looking forward to seeing yours!! Portibello is beautiful!