Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I got a blister on my finger!

Triangles basted, originally uploaded by soja.

All the pins are on Mum's quilt, so it was back to needle basting this weekend to baste this quilt. With my two furry little helpers keen to give me their input.

The quilting is also finished now, I'll get a pic when I get some light, I finished sewing in the loose ends this lunchtime. I used my lovely new machine's fancy feather stitch for one lot of diagonal lines and to go around the inner border. Not one knot, loop or tension problem going over the seams - I think I'm in love with this machine!

I think I might have finished it too, but I haven't got anything to bind it with. Least nothing that seems to look right. I think it needs a pink or red, I had some green and blue I thought I would use, but I don't like it with the backing (the backing is beige with a little green floral type print).

This was made with a small charm pack (28 squares) - Moda's Sorbet collection designed by Sentimental Studios. I love the peacocks. :-) The beige cotton is from Ikea. I have used it before, and it washes up beautifully soft, so I was happy to use it again.

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